- We will NO LONGER use the FIREHOUSE for tumbling.  Pease join us on Sunday Aug 6, at the Sports and Learning Complex, time TBD.  Contact Coach Tish for more details.

- Picture day has changed to Aug 20, 2017.



2017 Cheer Information

Ages: 5 thru 16 as of Sep 1, 2017


Contact Information:  COACH BENITA JACKSON, 301-792-0556 OR COACH ROBIN 240-280-4103

Coaching Staff:

6U - Coach Celita and Jasmyne

8U - Coach Tonya & Coach Amber

10U - Coach Tish & Coach Keisha

12U - Coach Robin & Coach Johnyce

14U - Coach B & Coach Kwan

We are also looking for additional coaches.  If you are interested or know of someone who wants to work with children, we're open to them joining our team!



UPDATE, 29 July:  We will no longer use the FIREHOUSE for tumbling.  We request that you join us at the Sports and Learning Complex on Sundays, beginning August 6.  Please contact Coach Tish for more information.




CAMPS:  April 3-14, Mon - Fri, 6:00-8:00 PM, Judge Sylvania Woods

                July 17-28, Mon - Fri, 6:00-8:00 PM, Glenarden Community Center

          Camp Cost:  $25 (includes:  t-shirt, shorts, which will be our daily practice uniform and a snack on performance day).

          Required:  Each athlete must wear socks & tennis shoes to all practices

Each camp has a final performance on the last Friday of each Camp, 7:15 PM at the respective locations.




REGISTRATION:  $130 plus $170 (uniform items that you keep) TOTAL:  $300 You may register at any camp session.  Registration required documents:  copy of her/his birth certificate, complete a yellow and white card, small photo (head shot).  Registration must be paid in full in order for your child to participate after our camps end.




UNIFORM FITTINGS:  Jun 3, (10:30-12:00), July 8, (10:30-12:00), July 31 (10:30-12:00) & Aug 5 (10:00-11:30)

Uniforms include: Vest/Skirt Rental, sweat suits ($50), midriffs ($45), briefs ($6), 2 pairs of socks ($12/$6 each), 2 pairs of Shoes ($57) TOTAL: $170 for new cheerleaders.  Cheerleaders from previous years may pay less if they have the midriff/briefs/sweat suit.  Everyone must purchase shoes, 2 pairs of socks whether they cheered with us in prior years or not.  Additional practice uniform T-shirts are $10 and shorts are $10.




AUG 7 – PARENT’S MEETING, Glenarden Community Center (Your child will NOT be allowed to participate in cheer until a parent either attends this meeting or an alternate meeting)



UPDATE, as of July 31:  Picture day has change to Aug 20, 2:00 PM, Ardmore Field (We will start on time please be at the field not later than 1:30 PM) **DO NOT WEAR ANY COMPETITION ITEMS**


Sept 9 - First game (the schedule will be released by the football league)




Sept 29 - Oct 1 (Friday - Sunday)- Great Wolf Lodge outing (ANYONE MAY ATTEND)

COST:  $135 (cheerleaders will be asked to pay an additional fee for food, and other activities)

           Depart Flowers HS 9:30 AM (all cheerleaders must take the bus)

           IHOP or Dennys - 10:30 AM

          1:00 PM Check in at the LODGE (official check in time is 4:00 PM, they will allow us to arrive at 1:00 to enter the water park

             Cheerleaders will eat with the squad (PIZZA PARTY)

             All cheerleaders must be in the room or with their respective coaches/squad/chaperone not later than 10:00 PM 

             Oct 1 - Great Wolf Lodge (Play all day)

             Oct 1 - Depart the LODGE at 3:00 return to FHS around 7:00

This is a 3 day trip and may be pricey for multiple persons to attend.  We have a few fundraisers. If your child participates she/he'll benefit from the profits.





April 5-12 – Scratch offs 

JULY- Car Washes (2)

Sept 14 - Chic Fil A night out

Aug - Chuckee Cheese night out

AUG – Skate Zone Skating Rink

Family Day TBD






Oct 30 – Competition Uniform Inspection (CLEAN and Bring all competition uniform items, vest, skirt, briefs, socks, shoes with color swatches, sweat pants and shirt, and the hair ribbon.

Nov 5 - County Competition (Details will follow as soon as they are known)


Dec 6 - Annual Banquet, Lafontaine Bleue, New Carrollton, MD, 6:30-9:00 PM, $25 for guests 1 year and older.  No strollers please.  Contact Coach B or Trashawn Herring for tickets.  You may purchase tickets at the registration tables.  ALLFOOTBALL/CHEER  ATHLETES DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ADDITIONAL MONEY FOR THE BANQUET - Their ticket is included in the registration fee!

Cheer Information - Jumps

Jump, Jump, Jump!

Cheerleaders jumping around on the sidelines may seem arbitrary and random, but really, they are skills that require athleticism, flexibility and strength.  Jumps are used to accentuate a point in a cheer or chant, grab your attention during a routine and show spirit at the end of a great play or show of spirit from the crowd.
There are eight different jumps that cheerleaders perform.  Tuck, Straddle or Eagle, Left and Right Side Hurdlers, Toe Touch, Left and Right Front Hurdlers, and Pike.
All of the jumps are performed the same way with the difference being the body position at the top of the jump.  Performance of the jumps can be broken into 4 parts; The Approach, Height, Form and the Landing.  I’ll go through each of these, with some input from the NCA & UCA staff on technique.
The approach creates the momentum to follow through and help get height when jumping off the ground.  It is controlled and distinct in the movement.
Start your up with your feet together and arms in a High V position.  On a designated count, swing both arms downward in front of your face.  As your arms cross dip down a little with your legs.  Timing is key here.  Your arms should be at their lowest point of the swing when the legs are at the deepest part of the dip.  This allows the arms and legs to quickly explode into the air at the same time. 
You should try to jump off the ground and get as much height as possible to give your body time to hit the jump and land safely. This happens when you get an explosive jump timed with the lift of the arms.
Proper jump technique puts your chest up with your shoulders slightly in front of the hips.  The arms (for most jumps) should be in a strong T motion.  Make sure that leg muscles are flexed and straight and toes are pointed.  As flexibility increases, allow your legs to extend as high as possible and relax the hips.
If you have given yourself enough height to hip the motion at the top of the jump, you should have enough time to land properly.  When landing, you should land with both feet together at the same time.  If you don’t land even you can put unnecessary stress on your knees and ankles.  If you are not landing with your feet together lower the height of the skill at the top of the jump until the flexibility and strength have been developed to maintain safety.
Here is a definition of each of the eight jumps.
At the top of the jump, pull your knees up to your chest and point your toes.  The arms should be in a High V.
Straddle / Spread Eagle
At the top of the jump, the legs should come out to a Low V position with the shoelaces pointed at the crowd.  The arms should be in a tight High V.
Left and Right Side Hurdlers
At the top of the jump, raise either the left of right leg to a straight position out to the side of the body.  The other leg will be in a bent position to the other side parallel with the ground.  The arms should be in a T motion and the chest up.
Toe Touch
In a toe touch you do not actually touch your toes.  You want to reach for the instep of the shoe.  Bring both legs up and out to the sides.  Try and roll the hips back so that the shoelaces are pointed behind you.  The arms should be in a T motion and the chest up.
Left and Right Front Hurdlers
This jump is performed at a 45 degree angle to the crowd in the direction of the straight leg.  At the top of the jump, raise either the left of right leg to a straight position in front of the body.  The other leg will be in a bent position with the knee stretched out almost like the splits.  The foot of the bent leg will try to kick the seat of the jumper..  The arms should be in a Touchdown motion and the chest up.
This jump is also performed at a 45 degree angle to the crowd in either direction.  At the top of the jump, lift both legs to a straight position in front of the body.  The arms should be in a Candlestick motion and the chest up.
Please remember that stretching before these types of strenuous activities are KEY!  Make sure that you have warmed up all the muscles and worked the ankles, knees and shoulders.
Flexibility and Core strength training will play a key role in improving the height and extension of your jumps.  Practice them EVERY DAY

So that we can get ahead, the 8U, 12U, and the 14/16U will practice Wednesday's only from June 1, until we begin our July camp.  We will NOT have practice on June 29.  Please contact your respective Coaches for additional information or concerns.  Wear your practice uniform, white socks, white shoes (preferably cheer shoes).  Make sure you have a hair tie to keep the hair from your face.  No jewlry!  See you there!!


ON-LINE Registration for all sports

Click here if you are ready to register for a sport on-line!  If you have problems registering on-line, please contact Benita Jackson, (301)792-0556.  Remember, there is a $5 or 3% charge for using credit cards on-line registration. Click here

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