(not to be used in place of individual team schedules)

Updated 2/26/2015 by THerring

Date                Team              Opponent                  Location                           Time


1/3                   10s                  Beltsville                     Beltsville Academy                11:00am

                        12s                  South Bowie #2         Bowie City Gym #4                11:00am

                        14s                  Greenbelt #1             Springhill Lake CC                 11:30am

            15#2               KLM #2                      Largo HS                                5:00pm


1/4                 18s                  South Bowie #1         Bowie City Gym #1                   1:00pm


1/6 (Canx)     15#1                8 Deep Elite               Kenmoor MS                             7:00pm

     (Canx)       18s                College Park               Kenmoor MS                             6:00pm


1/9                  18s                  New Carrollton          Carroll MS                                 7:30pm      


1/10                 12s                  Marlboro #3           Frederick Douglas Aux             3:00pm

                        15#2               Greenbelt                Springhill Lake CC                 10:30am

                        15#1               KLM #1                   Kettering CC                             1:30pm


1/18               15#2                 KLM #2                   Kettering CC                             3:30pm

(Rescheduled to 2/7)

1/20               12s                  Kettering                    Goddard MS                           7:00pm

                       15#1               New Carrollton #1    Kenmoor MS                            7:00pm

                       18s                  Kettering #1              Kenmoor MS                            6:00pm


1/22               12s                  Greenbelt #1             Carroll MS                                6:30pm

                      15#2               Hyattsville Hawks      Carroll MS                                7:30pm

                      15#1               Forestville #1             A. Jackson MS                         7:00pm


1/24               10s                  New Carrollton          Carroll MS                                 1:00pm

                        14s                Marlboro #4              Douglas HS Aux                       12:00pm                             

                        15#2              HMB                          Hyattsville MS                          10:00am (Time changed)

                        15#1               Beltsville                   Beltsville Academy                  10:00am

                        18s                  Bowie #1                 Bowie City Gym                         1:00pm


1/27               14s                  Bowie #2                    Kenmoor MS                             6:00pm

                        15#2               Clinton                      Kenmoor MS                             7:00pm      


1/31               10s                    Lanham                    Goddard MS                              9:00am

                        12s                  Hyattsville                  Goddard MS                           10:00am

                        15#1                Oxon Hill                    Oxon Hill Staff                          9:00am

                        18s                  College Park               Carroll MS                              10:00am

Date                Team              Opponent                  Location                                Time


2/1                   10s                  Bowie #2                    Bowie Annex                          12:00pm

                        14s                  South Bowie #2         Bowie City Gym #2                   1:00pm

                          ** Changed date to Jan 31 (Sat),    Samuel Ogle                             2:00 PM


2/3                    14s                  HMB                           Kenmoor MS                            6:00pm

                         ** Changed opponent to New Carrollton

                        15#2                 South Bowie #2         Kenmoor MS                            7:00pm


2/4                 15#2               Silver Hill                    Shugart MS                              7:00pm


2/7                 10s                  Greenbelt #1             Springhill Lake RC                   2:30pm

                        12s                  Laurel                         Laurel B&G Club                      6:00pm

                        15#2               KLM#2                       Largo HS                                   5:15pm       


2/8                    10s                  Marlboro#3               James Madison MS                  3:00pm


2/10               15#1               South Bowie #1         Kenmoor MS                            7:00pm

                        18s               South Bowie #1         Kenmoor MS                            6:00pm


2/12               10s                  Beltsville                     Carroll MS                                8:30pm

                        14s                Beltsville                     Carroll MS                                7:30pm

                         ** Changed opponent to New Carrollton


2/14               10s                  Clinton #3                  Surrattsville HS                       4:00pm

                        15#2               New Carrollton #2    Carroll MS                             11:15am

                        18s                  New Carrollton          Carroll MS                              9:00am       


2/15               12s                  Bowie #2                    Bowie City Gym #3                  4:00pm


2/17               14s                  New Carrollton          Kenmoor MS                            7:00pm

                       ** Changed opponent to Bowie #2

                        15#1               8 Deep Elite               Kenmoor MS                            6:00pm

**2/20            14s                  Bowie                          Bowie Annex                            8:00 PM

2/21               12s                  New Carrollton          Carroll MS                                12:00pm

                        14s                  Greenbelt #1             Springhill Lake CC                 12:30pm

                        15#1               New Carrollton #1    Carroll MS                                10:00am

                        18s                  Kettering #1              Kettering CC                            1:30pm


2/24               10s                  Hyattsville Hawks      Carroll MS                                 7:30pm

                        15#1               KLM #1                      Kenmoor MS                            7:00pm

                        18s                  Bowie #1                    Kenmoor MS                            6:00pm

                  **   14                   HMB                          Carroll MS                                7:30 PM

2/28               10s                  Greenbelt #2             Springhill Lake RC                 12:30pm

                        12s                  Lanham                      Goddard MS                        11:00am


3/1                 **14s      CANX   Marlboro #4              Douglas HS Aux                       1:00pm

                       ***** No game for the 14U team


3/3               **14s                 HMB                          Kenmoor MS                            6:00 PM

                      15#2               South Bowie #3         Kenmoor MS                            7:00pm


3/10              **14s                                                   Kenmoor MS                            7:00 PM

2014/2015 BASKETBALL

2014 Basketball Registration begins now!

Registration Fee:  $130, cash, money order, credit cards, and checks will be accepted til Friday, Dec 5 ($135 if you register on-line)

Free Open Gym begins, Tuesday, Nov 18, at Thomas Pullen School of Performing Arts for ages 12-16 (7:00-9:00 PM) and Kenmoor Middle School for ages 8-11 (6:00-8:00 PM). Ages are based upon the age of the child by Dec 31, 2015.  You may register at either location during open gym.  Registration at Pullen is from 7:00-7:30 PM.

Contact Commissioner Ron Haskins, 202-903-7355 or Trashaun Herring at 202-412-8726 for more information.

ON-LINE Registration for all sports

Click here if you are ready to register for a sport on-line!  If you have problems registering on-line, please contact Benita Jackson, (301)792-0556.  Remember, there is a $5 or 3% charge for using credit cards on-line registration. Click here

Banquet Dec 3, 2014, LaFontaine Bleue, New Carrollton, 6:30-9:00. Athletes should arrive at 6:00, the doors open at 6:30 for all others. Contact Coach B, 301-792-0556 for tickets.
Good afternoon GABGC family,
Our cheerleaders and football athletes have worked so hard this season!  Now it's time to celebrate them at our annual banquet.  


Banquet tickets are now on sale, Coach B will be at the Glenarden Field on Friday, Oct 31st, from 6:00-6:30 to sell tickets.  Other sale dates are:  Saturday Nov 1st, at 12:00 (noon)-1:00 PM, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in November, at the Glenarden Community Center (inside lobby), 6:00 - 7:00 PM. Ticket sales end on Monday Nov 24th, 6:00-6:30 PM. 


Please abide by the rules:  If you bring children as guests the must also pay $25 unless they're 1 year old or younger. NO STROLLERS are allowed inside. (NO EXCEPTION TO THESE RULES)  


Date:  Dec 3, 2014 (Wednesday)

Time:  6:30-9:00 PM Athletes need to arrive at 6:00 (doors open to guests at 6:30)

Location:  LaFontaine Bleue, 7963 Annapolis Rd, Lanham, MD 20706

Attire:  Wear your best, however, NO jeans, No athletic wear, No athletic shoes

Cost:  $25/guest (NO RESERVED SEATING UNLESS YOU PURCHASE A TABLE (10 seats for $250)


Banquet Book:  Book submissions end on Nov 13!  Contact Coach B, 301-792-0556 if you have questions or need an example.


Please contact Coach B if you want to put a "shout out" in the annual banquet book, for your child, or place an ad!  You may put whatever you want on your page (as long as it's appropriate for viewing by kids)


Full Page:  $20 (you will receive a book if you purchase a full page)

Half Page:  $15

Quarter Page:  $10

Business Card:  $5


Honor Roll Recognition


If you want your child's academic accomplishments recognized at the banquet and in the book, you need to provide proof to Coach B, by Nov 17th.


If you have questions about any of the above, please contact Coach B, 301-792-0556.

GABGC Cheerleader's Competition Results!

Congratulations to our 2014 Cheer Squads!

6U - 2nd Place

8U - 1st Place

10U - 2nd Place

12U - 1st Place

14U - 2nd Place

16U - 2nd Place



2013 GABGC Yearly Award Winners

Each year the Prince Georges County Boys and Girls Club honors a girl, boy, woman, and man of the year from each registered club.  Below are the honorees from the Glenarden Ardmore Boys and Girls Club (GABGC).

Girl of the Year - Jarnaie Murry


Boy of the Year - Anthony


Woman of the Year –  LaTisha Haskins


Man of the Year –  Stacey Murphy


GABGC has the capability to register with CREDIT CARDS! Visit the registration table if you have questions.

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